Lighting is a powerful element that will enhance the mood at your next event


Whether your next event calls for a dramatic statement or simple elegance and flair, Elite Productions and Entertainment will collaborate with you to ensure that your vision is flawlessly executed. Elite Productions and Entertainment specializes in lighting for a variety of different venues, including, indoor, outdoor, event, and meeting centers.

We provide the most premier lighting services on Aruba. Our experienced certified technicians will oversee the entire installation process and execute the entire production. Supporting our talented staff is our professional top-notch and well-maintained equipment. Elite Productions utilizes high-quality brands such as Martin Professional, Apollo Design Technology, Clay Paky, Trilite, High End, JEM, and Grandma. Our lighting effects modules include strobes, color faders, color scrollers, foggers, hazers, custom gobos, and decor lighting.

Sound Light Aruba

Pro-Tip When selecting color to create ambience lighting, the best choice is to utilize soft pink and amber- a perfect combination for any skin color.