A stage is a must & safety is our priority at your next event!


We offer a variety of stages and decks in different shapes, sizes and heights. We can also create a custom stage for your next event!

Sound Light Aruba


Rigging is an essential part of any event or project and our qualified and certified staff is here to make your experience the best and the safest.
We have a variety of roof systems and a large inventory of trussing in different shapes and sizes. Brands we carry are Eurotruss, Applied Electronics, Sound Barrier, and CM to name a few.

Sound Light Aruba

Stage Roof

Our new stage roof is a custom-made 60’ x 40’ Suspended Arc roof system made and designed by the world’s leading manufacturer, EUROTRUSS.

This roof system is currently the biggest and most up-to-date on the ABC islands.

At the moment this is the current stage size required by all international artists and top 40 acts.

Elite Productions & Entertainment and Massive Productions Curacao are proud to be the only ones to offer this system, to be able to meet the needs of top artists in today’s show industry.

Sound Light Aruba

Pro-Tip Consult with the expert on the location before production