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Video/ Audiovisual

Executing a corporate event may be a very busy ordeal, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. Whether the event is a small presentation or a huge trade-show, Elite Productions has the experienced staff, the right equipment, and the technical know-how to handle any event. Inside or outside the ballroom we have the equipment you need.

Our enormous, pixel-perfect screens will be an influential role in any interactive presentation. We have a wide variety of video equipment ranging from projection screens in all sizes and formats, High-Res LED screens, switchers, cameras, stage sets, and more.

Whether you are an event planner, marketing director, Destination Management Company, wedding planner or event producer, Elite Productions has the right solution for you.

Sound Light Aruba

Pro-Tip Always ask if the vendor is familiar with the venue, ask if the vendor has good working relationship with the venue.

Projection Mapping is at the pinnacle of technical creativity. It brings video to life and can transform any object or building. Audiences are always astounded and videos go viral overnight, which is why many big brands have pushed the technique in recent years.

Today, more and more projects are utilizing projection mapping and it is not just big brands that are embracing the technique. At Elite Productions & Entertainment, we will always treat your project individually, giving it the attention it deserves, whether you are a multinational company launching the next must have car or gadget or a SME that wants to wow your guests at an important conference or exhibition. We cater and tailor to all budgets to make your show successful.